February 6, 2020 | by: Chris

Woman finishes hours of cleaning after renovations – and then husband falls through ceiling

There’s nothing more soul destroying than seeing hours of hard work undone in an instance.

A couple who are currently renovating their home took the big step of removing their staircase ready for the whole thing to be revamped.

The huge job understandably left behind an even bigger mess and Ashleigh dedicated an entire morning to clean up the dust left behind.

Almost as soon as she had finished the job and put her tools down, it all came crashing down – a little too literally.

“I spent all morning cleaning up the dust from taking out the stairs, within two actual minutes of me stopping he falls through the ceiling and, well, you can imagine the dust. (He’s fine).”

Story: The Mirror UK

Photo: MrsHinchCleaningTips/Facebook