July 1, 2020 | by: kerri

This Weekend on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown

Saturday’s 80’s Countdown: JULY 7, 1984
8 am – noon

Rick Hansen started his Man in Motion Tour and would end up with 26 million dollars raised for research. DNA was used for the first time in a criminal trial and Back to the Future was big at the movie box office. This week back in the summer of 1984, ZZ Top and Huey Lewis and the News were in the Top 40 countdown.



Sunday’s 70’s Countdown: JULY 11, 1970
8 am – 11 am

A total eclipse of the sun impacted the Maritimes in 1970. Richard Hatfield became the premier of New Brunswick. 1970 was a year of cars. Chevrolet introduced its second version of the Camaro while America Motors debuted the Gremlin. Not to be outdone, Ford launched the Pinto. The Temptations made the charts as did a one-hit-wonder group known as Blues Image.