December 2, 2019 | by: Chris

She gets $20,000 for not holding the handrail!

A  woman who was arrested for not holding on to an escalator handrail has been awarded $20,000 in damages by the Supreme Court.

Bela Kosoian was riding an escalator at a  Montreal Metro station , in 2009 when an officer stopped her because she wasn’t holding on to a handrail, as she was looking through her purse. A sign that stated “caution” and “hold handrail” was located near the escalator.

The officer told her to hold on to the handrail during her ride down the escalator, and the officer stopped her once she got to the bottom. He asked her to follow him and she refused, “because she didn’t think she had done anything wrong,” and also refused to give her identification, according to the case brief posted online.

Kosoian was subsequently detained and when she was released, she was given one $100 ticket for disobeying the sign, and a $320 fine for obstructing an inspection worker.

She was acquitted of the infractions in 2012, and she sued Montreal’s transit authority, the city, and one of the officers for $45,000. In 2015, the lawsuit was rejected in Quebec court, and again in 2017 by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which said Kosoian was the “author of her own misfortune.”

But the Supreme Court “unanimously disagreed,” and said the sign in the Metro station that said to hold on to the handrail “was a warning” and not a law. They found the officer “was wrong to stop and search her for breaking a law that didn’t exist.”

The court ruled Kosoian be paid $20,000 in damages.

Story credit: Fox News