February 7, 2020 | by: Chris

‘Shameless’ couple ask people not invited to wedding to give money for honeymoon

An unnamed couple have been slammed as “shameless” and “greedy” after it was revealed they had encouraged people not invited to their wedding to gift them money for their honeymoon.

The bride and groom sent a note to those not lucky enough to be on their wedding guest list, informing them that it was nothing personal, but the venue simply couldn’t “accommodate everyone”.

The pair promised these people that even though they won’t be there to celebrate the big day, they’ll be sure to keep them in their “hearts” as they tie the knot.

And on the bottom of the card was a line revealing that the couple are “accepting money” to help them have a “beautiful honeymoon”.

Hundreds of people took the time to comment on the post, sharing their thoughts.

One person wrote: “People are so greedy these days and it’s shameful. Are you kidding me.”

Another said: “Why do people think anyone else gives a s**t about their honeymoon? Everyone is struggling, so if you can’t afford to have a bit wedding, don’t. The entitlement is mind-boggling.”

“This is so tacky. Why would I send them something if I’m not even invited,” commented a different user.

Someone else added: “I could see sending a non-invitation to avoid some drama. Basically it let’s people know you didn’t snub them. A big wedding is expensive, people will understand you can’t invite everyone. To even mention a gift in that case though, that is extremely tacky.”

A fifth replied: “Ugh, this is so awful. The thing is, you can still send a nice wedding announcement to people who you weren’t able to invite. Something more akin to a Christmas card. And IF that person wants to get you a gift they’ll reach out. But just sending a card straight up saying, we couldn’t invite you but maybe send us some cash anyway is just a travesty.”

Story: The Mirror UK