October 7, 2019 | by: Chris

‘Ridiculous’ newlyweds slammed for updating their Facebook statuses mid ceremony

A photo of newlyweds standing at the front of their own wedding ceremony starring at their phones has left people wanting to ‘give up on society’.

The image showing a couple updating their Facebook relationship status to ‘married’ just seconds after saying I do received backlash after being posted to an online wedding shaming group.

It was shared with the caption: “Instead of doing a unity candle or sand ceremony, Danielle and James changed their Facebook statuses to married.”

Commenters were quick to blast the pair for the ‘tacky as hell’ stunt, with one saying: “This isn’t cute or quirky. It’s ridiculous.

Another read: “If that’s indicative of how their marriage is going to be, I expect they’ll be updating their statues real soon.”

A third said: “This is what the world has come to?! I’m giving up on society.”

Source: The Mirror UK