June 25, 2018 | by: billgulliver

Kool Music Matters – Michael Jackson


Thriller 1982


On June 25th 2009, “Neverland,” would never be the same again.  The “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, one of the most commercially successful entertainers of all time, passed away at the age of 50 at his home in Los Angles, California. Jackson’s autopsy would later reveal he died from cardiac arrest caused by a fatal combination of drugs administered by his Doctor. The news stunned fans and critics alike. The “King of Pop” was scheduled to make a series of concert appearances in London that summer, after a lengthy absence from the public spotlight.

Jackson broke onto the music scene with his first national television appearance at the age of 11 with his brothers, as The Jackson 5 . Shortly after Jackson was pursuing a solo career. “Got to Be There”, released by Motown Records, in 1971 gave Jackson the launch pad he would need to propel him into the future. Jackson’s career took off in 1979, after collaborating with the legendary Quincy Jones, for he release of “Off The Wall,” which sold over 7 million copies. The pair joined forces again to produce the iconic 1982 blockbuster “Thriller.” This album would eventually sell over 50 million copies world wide, making it the best selling album of all time. It was here where the world took notice. Jackson’s artistry was magical. “Thriller” is often credited with kick starting the era of music videos and played a major role in the rise of MTV and Much Music cable networks. Jackson followed up with the 1987 release of “Bad” including a smash hit video of the title track directed by Martin Scorsese. The album sold more than 8 million copies.

The 90’s were not so kind to Jackson. While he continued to produce quality albums (see discography below) his personal life would become fodder for the tabloids. Often mired in scandal, legal battles and marital issues, Jackson began to pull away from the spotlight. Nevertheless he continued his humanitarian work through his Heal the World Foundation.

Simply stated, Michael Jackson had more musical ability to spare than 90% of the population has to use. It makes the 9th anniversary of his passing so much more difficult to understand. Michael Jackson’s chronicles may be illustrated through the words of Charles Krauthammer, who once said “the catastrophe that awaits everyone from a single false move, wrong turn, fatal encounter. Every life has such a moment. What distinguishes us is whether and how we ever come back.”

For Michael Jackson as well as countless other lives cut short and affected by drug use, we are always left with unanswered questions.

His legacy as the “King of Pop” will live on – Because Music Matters.



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