July 4, 2019 | by: Chris

Here’s a way to get a pothole fixed

We all cringe when we hit one or serve to avoid a crater.  At times it can seem like they never get repaired.  This story shows that patience and some creativity can pay off.

A Kansas City man who decided he needed a unique plan to get the attention of his city’s public works department threw a birthday party for a pothole that he had been complaining about since March.

Frank Sereno said he first called Kansas City’s 311 hotline some time in March to complain about a large pothole in his Waldo neighborhood on Cherry St.

“Everyone is always complaining about the potholes, but complaining doesn’t seem to be getting anything done,” Sereno said. “I know my fellow neighbours are just as disgusted as I am so I said, let’s just celebrate its birthday. It’s third birthday.”

Sereno posted pictures on Facebook of a slice of birthday cake with a number 3 candle placed inside the pothole.

Kansas City’s Public Works Department told a Fox News affiliate that the pothole on Cherry St. was on their list of repairs but that the “weather” had stopped them from filling all the holes.

“The weather is always a challenge,” Maggie Green, with the Public Works Dept., said. “I know they got a lot done this week with the good weather. Last week they patched almost 2,000 potholes. Anytime it’s pouring down rain it’s difficult to patch but as long as we have good weather, crews are out there working on that list.”

Green said that 15,000 potholes, including Sereno’s, have been reported to the city since January and that, of those complaints, 10,000 have been fixed.

She added that crews were on Sereno’s block over the weekend where it was expected that they would finally repair the pothole.

Source: Fox News