September 25, 2018 | by: billgulliver

“Here Be Dragons” – NB’s New Uncharted Territory

Here Be Dragons” has an interesting connotation. It means dangerous or unexplored territories. It follows the medieval practice of putting illustrations of dragons or sea-monsters on uncharted areas of maps. It is the kind of place where a compass is of little value. Perhaps it what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said;

“A compass, I learnt when I was surveying, it’ll point you True North from where you are standing, but it’s got no advice about the swamps and deserts and chasms you’ll encounter along the way. If in pursuit of your destination you plunge ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing more than to sink in a swamp, what’s the use of knowing True North.”

Last night was a real cliff hanger. Like a made for TV script of suspense and drama…and we had some of the drama in our own backyard as Liberal Candidate Gerry “Landslide” Lowe defeated PC Candidate and “Saint John Ambassador of Community Service” Barry Ogden by a margin of 10 votes in the riding of Saint John Harbour.


One of the reasons I like sports so much is an outcome will be determined. In hockey you play overtime and then go into a shoot-out, in baseball you play extra innings. In either case you play until you have a winner.

Who knows what happened last night? We do know for starters the PC’s picked up 22 seats the Liberals 21 seats and The People’s Alliance and Green Party both picked up 3 seats each. That total is 49 seats. 25 seats are required to form a Majority. So in essence we will have the first minority government in 98 years. Neat stuff…now we are treading in uncharted territory. “Here Be Dragons” indeed.

Here Be Dragons1

The Headlines read: “The People Have Spoken” – “After All That We Still Don’t Know Who’s In Charge” – “Liberals Plagued By Inefficient Vote After Racking Up Some Big Wins”…

Today’s Headlines are even more murky: ” Premier Gallant Gets Permission From Lt. Governor To Continue Governing N.B.” – “This May Not Last Long: Political Scientist Predicts A Return To The Polls By Christmas.”

OMG Did he really say that? It is unfathomable to even think of that scenario. The signs, the social media disputes, and the crazy amount of bot calls and texts make it despicable to even consider!

Even Brian Gallant acknowledged this by stating in a post election press conference: “I don’t think New Brunswicker’s want another general election right now after that.”

The rules don’t seem clear right now whether Gallant is the Premier of New Brunswick or the outgoing Premier of New Brunswick. One thing is clear there is no mandate for anyone to govern. According to Gallant he says he has heard the message from voters loud and clear: “They’re asking us to figure out as adults, how to work together to govern.”

NB Votes1

So we find ourselves, as a Province, in “Terra Incognita” for the next foreseeable period. Yes uncharted territory can be dangerous, it may also be just what we need to rid ourselves of the fear of the unknown. The balance of power is no longer in the hands of Red or Blue. It is now in the hands of Purple and Green. We are going to have to venture into the land of “Here Be Dragons.”

One might recall from early history lessons that a young Christopher Columbus broke from tradition. It was customary for navigators and sea men to sail parallel to the shore. That way you were guaranteed at least a safe passage to the next port. It took Columbus and his 90 men to set sail; perpendicular to the shore to make their way across the Atlantic and venture in the unknown land of “Here Be Dragons.” The rest is history.

Maybe we will see that people can work together across party lines and colours to find solutions to the problems that none of have been able to agree on…save to disagree. Last night’s results were further evidence that “All Politics Are Local.”

Cheers…and may the force be with us as we head out to slay dragons…